2004 Olympic Games Wrestler

Welcome to the Gracie Barra Katy Wrestling Program!

Wrestling is an extremely effective form of grappling and is crucial element in being a complete mixed martial artists regardless of your style preference. Our wrestling program is designed for everyone ages seven and up and offers an opportunity to train year round with a multiple time world champion and former Olympian. Our curriculum is Olympic Freestyle based and places heavy emphasis on take downs and take down defense.

If your goal is to train during the off season and be a state champion or state placer, our wrestling program will increase your chances dramatically. Freestyle wrestling will improve your technique, skill, and mat strategy and most importantly your take downs and take down defense. This style of wrestling is intense, creative and challenging for those who choose to learn it. If you have high wrestling goals, freestyle wrestling must be a part of your yearly wrestling plans. We look forward to helping you meet your wrestling goals.

Classes consist of warm ups, drills and practice, and live training. You are welcome to try a free class during any of our class times.

Private Training is also available, please contact our academy if you are interested or need more information!

Special pricing is available for high school and college students who participate in wrestling programs at their schools.