Welcome to the Adult Gracie Barra Katy Kickboxing Program!

This program is for ages thirteen years and up. Here at Gracie Barra Katy, we are dedicated to providing the most skillful instruction in not only Brazilian JiuJitsu, but also in ( Sanda) Kickboxing, Muay Thai, and Western Boxing. 

At Gracie Barra Katy we have created a world class comprehensive training programs designed for both beginners and seasoned veterans alike. In the twelve years since its inception our program has taken students with no previous experience and developed over a dozen USA National Champions and numerous World Championships.

Led by the USA's National and Olympic Coach, 8- time National San Shou ( Sanda ) Kickboxing Champion, 3- time Pan American Champion, and King of the Cage veteran Head Kickboxing Coach Alejandro Cisne places each of his students as his top priority. Whether you’re a novice just looking for a new way to workout, or an expert wanting to compete, Gracie Barra Katy provides you all the tools for success at the highest National and International Levels. 




Here is a breakdown of our kickboxing classes and class schedule:

Basic Kickboxing:

Each Sanda class focuses on the utilization of proper technique and form in punching, kicking, elbows, knees, defense, take downs via sweeps, throws, and various grappling techniques through repetitive drilling with a partner. Students will gradually put these techniques together into combinations and gain practical application through situational specific training. This is the perfect class to sharpen range, timing, conditioning, and various levels of mechanical proficiency.

Open Kickboxing:

Similar to Basic Kickboxing, Open Kickboxing also places a strong emphasis on physical conditioning. Core strength, core stability, fast twitch muscle fiber development ( explosiveness), balance, agility, and cardio. 

In this class, students continue to pursue proper technique, while adding cardio conditioning and calisthenics.

This is the perfect class to improve your physical conditioning and health while continuing to build a strong foundation in functional kickboxing and self-defense.


To participate in sparring class, students with no prior martial arts experience generally take two to three months learning fundamentals in the Basic and Open Kickboxing classes.

Safety is paramount at Gracie Barra Katy. All students participating in sparring are required to wear proper safety equipment and are matched up personally by their  head kickboxing coach. Sparring is the final piece to achieve fluid kickboxing profiency and functional self-defense.


Boxing classes place a strict emphasis on fundamentals and are taught by head boxing coach Aaron Pena. This class is an excellent cardiovascular workout and is the perfect addition to your striking game. Students receive pinpoint instruction in proper punching techniques, head movement, and footwork through various drills and exercises. The boxing class is offered as a single program and is also included with our Kickboxing Program as Sanda unlike Taekwondo requires sharp boxing skills esp[ecially at the competitive levels.time sechdule