Welcome to the Gracie Barra Katy Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) program!

This program has classes to suit every experience level: from the beginner to the professional MMA fighter.

As a program member, you will receive full access to all classes and training available at Gracie Barra Katy. This includes Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, judo, kickboxing, boxing, wrestling, core strength and performance conditioning, and mixed martial arts classes.

The Gracie Barra Katy MMA program is open to men, women and children. Whether you want to be a professional fighter or just have fun reaching your fitness goals, this program is an excellent choice and is personalized just for you.



MMA CLASS and Fight Team

The Gracie Barra Katy MMA class is designed to teach all the fundamentals and mechanics of mixed martial arts at the highest technical level. Professors Chris Mango and Alex Cisne, both UFC cornermen and trainers oversee the program and run each class with a hands-on approach inside a full-sized elevated octagon.

The primary focus of this class is to combine all the facets of combat learned in individual classes and combine them into one complete integrated fighting and self-defense system. Students wishing to participate in this class must have some experience in striking and grappling and be a member of the Gracie Barra Katy MMA Program.

Typically, we recommend someone with zero martial arts experience to take individual classes in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and Kickboxing for about six months before entering this class.

Membership to the Gracie Barra Katy Mixed Martial Arts Fight Team requires permission from our head instructors. Each student is evaluated on a case by case basis.

Gracie Barra Katy works diligently to provide its professional and amateur fighters with the highest level of preparation and technical instruction. Fight team members are required to maintain a Gracie Barra Katy MMA program membership and receive Black Belt instruction in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, world class level Kickboxing and Wrestling, and Golden Gloves Level Boxing. In addition to our martial arts instruction, fight team members also work with the elite strength and conditioning Coach Paul Moran to ensure optimal performance and proper nutrition.