Welcome to the Gracie Barra Katy Kids Kickboxing Program!

Here at Gracie Barra Katy we are dedicated to providing your child with the most technical kickboxing instruction available in a fun and safe environment for all children ages 6 – 13.

We have created the most integrated and complete training programs suited to both beginners and seasoned veterans alike. In the ten years since its inception, our program has taken students with no previous experience and turned them into National and International Champions. Led by seven (8) time National San Shou Kickboxing Champion, two (2) time Pan American Champion, and King of the Cage veteran Head Kickboxing Coach Alejandro Cisne places his students as his top priority. Whether you’re a novice just looking for a new way to workout, interested in learning self-defense, or an expert wanting to compete at the highest National and International levels, Gracie Barra Katy is the place for you. Here is a breakdown of our kids kickboxing classes and a class schedule:

kids kickboxing

Kids Kickboxing:

The Kids Kickboxing class at Gracie Barra Katy focuses on teaching your child proper form and technique in punching, kicking, and takedowns. In addition to offense, your child will learn all the fundamentals of defense and be able to apply and execute each application through situation specific drilling and live training. Each class finishes with the kids individually matched up for sparring in full contact gear under close supervision of the head instructor.


Boxing classes place a strict emphasis on fundamentals and are taught by head boxing coach Aaron Pena. This class is an excellent cardiovascular workout and is the perfect addition to your striking game. Students receive pinpoint instruction in punching, head movement, and footwork through various drills and exercises. The boxing class is available as a single program for students ages 7 – adult, and is also included in our Kickboxing Program.

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