Flexibility, endurance, core strength, and core stability are improved considerably when you combine YOGA with your BJJ / MMA training.

Our Yoga classes are specifically designed to improve overall flexibility, and this is an appreciable benefit to both BJJ & MMA students. Martial Arts Training often make your muscles tight and constricted. Yoga’s positions and stances are designed to stretch the muscles and bring fluidity to your joints. This increased flexibility will help you develop explosive power when throwing punches, kicks, triangles, and other submissions. Additionally, increased flexibility aids in preventing injuries when sparring and competing.

Yoga classes


Yoga requires you to hold different poses for extended periods. These movements stretch & strain muscles and maintaining a pose causes a burning sensation due to increased levels of lactic acid in muscle tissue. Additionally, Yoga will increase your physical & mental endurance, overall flexibility and balance which are essential attributes to BJJ & MMA practitioners.

Various poses in yoga also integrate the mind and body with the help of stretching and focused breathing. As Martial Artists you will benefit from this body/mind synchronization during training, sparring sessions, and competitions. Numerous breathing techniques learned when practicing yoga, such as normal, intensive deep, diaphragmatic, costal, etc. allow you to avoid holding your breath at crucial moments, during sparing and will provide you a tangible edge during competitions.

Any form of fitness training involving martial arts often lead to tightening of muscles. Martial artists tend to stick to a technique of their liking, to the point where they often over-develop either their right or left side. This makes you vulnerable to injuries. However, when you pair your training with yoga, you increase your flexibility and range of motion, which helps loosen tightened joints and muscles. Additionally, the heightened awareness of your body allows you to correct improper posture, which could lead to possible injuries. Overall, the traits introduced by practicing yoga ensure that you prevent injuries. This, in turn, allows you to push harder in your training without worrying about accidents and damaging yourself.

Yoga is more than just meditation and flexibility. It is a proven process to build strength. By practicing challenging poses, you realize that the true difficulty lies not in getting into them but in maintaining them. Holding a pose for an extended period, forces fighters to use their core muscles which lays the foundation for throwing strong kicks and punches. This will make you experience a “burn” caused by straining muscles, but the longer you can hold the pose, the stronger your core muscles will become.

We look forward to your participation in this new GBK program, specifically designed with the objective of providing an additional tool for you to achieve increased flexibility, explosiveness, strength, and endurance.