Ken Eaton

Chief Instructor Group Tactical

Ken Eaton Born in Birmingham England, Ken Eaton joined the British Army in 1984 and served for 14 years reaching senior NCO (Non Commissioned Officer). He spent his early service in conventional units in the Royal Corps of Signals in Belize, Norway, the Falkland Islands and the UK. At one point as a member of the Queen's guard, being assigned to Prince Edward’s protection team. Subsequently he served 7 years on counterterrorism roles in Northern Ireland and elsewhere worldwide in other units.

His areas of expertise are; Close Quarter Protection, Counterterrorism, Telecommunications, Hand to Hand Combat and Small Arms instruction, amongst others. His military skills were very successfully applied to and sought after in his career in high level security operations.

He is the co-founder of Group Tactical, an entity dedicated to the advanced tactical training of law abiding citizens, executive protection professionals, Private Military Contractors and law enforcement officers. He is a strong advocate of female empowerment and has trained scores of women in firearms, self defense and hand to hand combat. He provides free training to those intending to volunteer for active service in Ukraine.

Ken enjoys rugby, all forms of shooting, Guinness and the occasional whisky.

Chief Instructor Group Tactical

The Chief Instructor (CI) is the professional head of Training with responsibility for developing and generating up to date and relevant tactical courses and programs. Also responsible for the selection, training and professional development of all instructors within the company.


The Chief Instructor:

  • Maintains the institutional health of Group Tactical by exercising Full Leadership responsibility for all Instructing staff, resources and materiel
  • Formulates, Implements and enforces the complete safety program at Group Tactical
  • Co chairs the Executive Committee of Group Tactical
  • Contributes to the conduct of business, with a particular responsibility for providing specialist advice on training matters
  • Develops future capability within the context of Training and public offerings, strategic direction and resource allocation