Professor Alex Cisne

1st Degree Black Belt

Alex CisneCisne began Martial Arts training 24 years ago. Like our other coaches he found that he could create a more effective fighter in a shorter amount of time by disregarding ineffective techniques and forms. This led Cisne to "Sanda" aka San Shou Kickboxing. Cisne later joined the ranks of professional MMA fighting. A man who constantly strives to add to his Martial Arts arsenal he was no stranger to the grappling arts. Cisne had begun Judo at the age of 16, later he would delve into Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. Professor Cisne won the National Team Trials in Sanda in 2007 thru 2014, and again in 2019. He also won the Pan American Games in Sanshou in 2010 and 2013 and 2018. His last World Title as a Bronze Medalist occured in 2019 in Shanghai, China. He is an accomplished Professional MMA fighter and a former WGC Welterweight Champion. Professor Cisne continues to pursue his personal goals, but like the other coaches at the Gracie Barra Katy facility he puts the students before his personal training. Professor Alex is a black belt in Judo, Sanda, Kenpo Karate, BJJ, and a Master in Wushu Kung Fu. Like all the Coaches at GBK Cisne strives to make winning fighters in the least amount of time. Alex is also a successful UFC cornerman and Trainer.